Global Brand Campaign, Kia First Drive
Barcelona, Spain 2015

  • 15 test drive vehicles
  • 2 special modificated racing cars
  • planning and realisation of vehicles and test routes
    for the campaign video shoot
  • test drives and training rides for 13 international driving beginners
> Test drive concept
  • needs assessment, consulting and concept development
  • concept development for driving safety training and rallye
> Project management
  • booking and management of the car handling team
  • personal driving instructor for each participant
  • booking of rallye world champion Manfred Stohl
  • organisation and realisation of test drive sessions
  • organisation of rallye taxi drives and driving safety trainings
  • handling of the vehicle convoy drive for the aerial photo of the video shoot
  • logistics of the complete car handling
  • planning and organisation of racing equipment for participants
  • project follow-up and documentation
> Driving routes
  • research of test routes for test drives and video shoot
  • route scouting
  • researching alternative routes
  • customer’s acceptance process and on-site inspection of the routes
  • programming navigation systems
  • route manager to ensure a smooth video shoot
> Vehicle transport
  • vehicle takeover/handover to freight company
  • electronic damage documentation
> Car handling
  • car wrapping
  • key logistics
  • refueling
> Car detailing
  • basic cleaning of the vehicle fleet
  • daily cleaning
> Racing cars
  • organisation & modification for the video shoot
  • logistics and tansport
> Instructor & trainer
  • Manfred Stohl, rallye world champion, as trainer of rallye taxi drives
  • personal instructor as host & contact person for issues concerning vehicles and test routes