Spartakus - Certified Car Handling Services for Car Manufacturers

Whether it is for a vehicle presentation, test drive, road show, market launch training or motor show, Spartakus supports every imaginable process that involves cars – from logistics, valeting and maintenance to data analysis.

Our love of automobiles, our efficient organization and our “ISO 9001:2008”-certified quality management system ensure that projects are perfectly implemented.

>  Car handling concept
  • needs assessment
  • site inspection
  • consulting and concept development
  • visual presentation of the concept
>  Project management
  • planning and preparation
  • car handling concept implementation
  • management of the car handling team
  • project follow-up, billing and documentation
>  Vehicle transport / transfer
  • coordination and communication with the freight company
  • researching the loading site
  • contacting local authorities, applying for the necessary permits
  • vehicle takeover / handover to freight company
  • electronic damage documentation
  • national/international transfer on own wheels
>  Test routes
  • research and design Europe-wide test routes
  • scout out the planned route and compile raw data
  • upload routes into the test vehicles’ navigation systems
  • route controls during the event
>  Car handling
  • refuelling the vehicle fleet
  • key logistics
  • supporting technical work
  • equipping the vehicle fleet
  • vehicle settings
  • programming navigation systems
  • transfer and positioning of the vehicle fleet
  • show-car positioning
  • electronic damage documentation
  • on-site accident management
>  Car detailing
  • basic car cleaning
  • daily car cleaning
  • removal of small scratches
  • disinfection of the vehicle interior on surfaces and the ambient air
    before every driver change
>  Guest services
  • hostesses, car explainers, promoters
  • qualified event staff trained in event specifics and customer CI
  • vehicle instructions and handover to guests
  • vehicle coordination on the parking space
  • valet parking
  • show car drivers
>  Pace car / Instructor
  • pace car instructors
  • controll of participants by experienced driving instructors in the pace car
  • presentation of vehicle specifications and route details
>  Showcar driver
  • pace car instructors
  • guidance of participants by experienced driving instructors in the pace car
  • presentation of vehicle specifications and route details
>  Car handling at motor shows
  • coordination of vehicle delivery
  • vehicle takeover and damage documentation
  • vehicle positioning
  • planning and organisation of vehicle detailing
>  Delivery preparation of new / used vehicles
  • car detailing (interior and exterior cleaning)
  • removal of paint damage (spot repair)
  • technical work
  • other support services
>  Care / management of showroom vehicles
  • car detailing (interior and exterior cleaning)
  • car positioning
  • permanent service
>  Maintenance cleaning for showrooms
  • regular showroom cleaning
  • use of environmentally-friendly cleaning products


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